because each single person reflects many different lights

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Although, in Moffat’s defense, he does become surprisingly self-aware in the Doctor’s line that his plan is, “Talk really fast, hope something good happens, take the credit.” Because that has, literally, been Moffat’s Doctor: a man with no actual agency, but instead rides on the actions of his predecessors and the happenstance of his current conditions. Moffat has been afraid to make his characters actually DO anything because DOING something means you have actions which you can be held responsible for. Most of his Doctor’s actions have been about UNDOing things that he was previously beholden to. Undoing the Time War. Removing himself from history. Rebooting the universe. Big friendly buttons that erase all the mistakes you made by making it so you never did anything in the first place. Because his Doctor’s greatest achievement has been living a life of zero consequences.
This whole review is hilarious but this part was probably my favourite. (via burntlikethesun)

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